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Lens Coating

Scratch-resistant coating

- Particularly important for plastic lenses

Scratch-resistant coating lenses are designed to give superior scratch resistance over uncoated lenses. No pair of glasses is indestructible, but Scratch-resistant coating defends against drops and tumbles and will help protect your lenses from daily wear and tear. Scratch-resistant coating is required for every lens index over 1.50. Scratch-resistant coating can be divided into tintable Scratch-resistant coating (which can be tintable after Scratch-resistant coating) and nontintable Scratch-resistant coating (which can’t be tintable after Scratch-resistant coating).

Anti-reflective coating

-The choice for seeing and being seen more effectively

Anti-reflective (AR) coating eliminates the problems of annoying glare on the lenses and reduces the reflections caused by any strong lights, such as sunshine, computer screens, car headlights… As it allows over 99% of light to pass directly through the lens without reflection of light from the surfaces. Our anti-reflection lens coating service ensures lenses are easier to keep clean and include FREE Scratch-resistant coating to protect the surface of the lenses.

Super Clean Coating

-Easy to clean, ultimate coat you need on the lens

Super Clean Coat combines scratch resistant and Anti-Reflective coating. Besides all the features of Scratch Resistant and Anti-Reflective Coating, it keeps water drop, dirt, and smudges off the lenses, making them easier to clean.

Super Clean lenses feature:

  • Anti-glare
    Reflections are removed, giving the lens a clear and reflection-free appearance
  • Smudge-resistant
    A new smudge-resistant layer means grease is less likely to be attracted to the lens
  • Super scratch-resistant
    Offers greater protection against scratching
  • Anti-static
    A new anti-static layer makes the lens less likely to attract dust
  • Super hydrophobic
    Offers greater water-repelling properties

Mirror Coating

-Perfect choice for sunglasses

Mirror coatings are engineered using dielectric process technology under controlled vacuum conditions to deliver lenses that satisfy the increasing demand for greater sun protection, guarding against harmful high energy visible light. It combines some of the latest technological advancements resulting in a durable, anti-static, slick and easy to clean premium quality sun wear

Mirror coatings were derived as a functional reflective coating to help redirect sunlight from the surface of lenses. Since its introduction many derivations of mirror coatings have been produced creating a wide range of colored mirror coatings and functional purpose. Different applications have also been introduced creating a multifunctional purpose and a cosmetic market for mirror coatings


  • Mirror coatings can be applied to almost any lens materials surface, and are most commonly applied to the outer surface of the lens.
  • Mirror coatings are applied to lenses by a vacuum application of interference layers made of powdered oxides, metals, lacquered plastics or other available compounds.
  • Mirror coatings are composed of constructive interference layers that interfere with light passing through the lens by reflecting light. The denser the interference layers the more reflection is induced, creating a mirror effect. TYPES OF LENS COATINGS AND PURPOSE:
  • Mirror coatings can be applied as a solid, gradient and double gradient coating. Some common mirror coatings include the 'Half Mirror' and 'Flash mirror'. The half Mirror Coating is a dense mirror coating that gives a full mirror reflection on the outer surface of the lens. This coating completely shields the appearance of the eye. The flash mirror coating is a less dense coating that offers a transparent mirror effect.
  • Mirror coatings are used for functional and aesthetic reasons. Functionally the double gradient mirror coating is used to reflect light from above and light reflected from the ground while allowing more light to pass through the center. The combination of a double gradient mirror coating and moderately dark solid tint and/or polarized lens delivers optimal direct visual acuity on sunny days with snow or other glare enhancing matter on the ground.


  • Underlying tints are usually applied prior to applying mirror coatings. These underlying tints serve as a background enhancing the mirror effect and also visual acuity if well proportioned. However, because some coatings like the 'half-silver' mirror coatings reflect a good portion of light away, the darker the tint on the lens the less light is reaching the eye. Considering that light is one of the main ingredients to vision, a darker tint may result in too much loss of light, which can affect visual acuity.
  • For the most reduction of glare a polarized lens with a mirror coating is recommended.
          Mirror coating sunglasses are an excellent choice for many people because of the numerous benefits they offer.
          Helps Protect From the Sun’s Glare: those with extreme sensitivity to light or those that may spend a lot of time outdoors should wear mirror coating sunglasses because of their protection from the sun’s harmful glare. Even during the winter, the eyes can be damaged by the glare from the snow and it is important to wear mirror coating sunglasses all-year round.
          Allows the Wearer to Have Brighter Vision: Due to the sunglass’s ability to reflect light rather than absorb it, mirror coating sunglasses allow those who wear them to have brighter fields of vision. This is vital for people who drive trucks or cars for a living or for cyclists who spend long periods of time looking into the sun. In addition, it reduces the amount of light that can get in and reduces the strain on your eyes.
          The Styles and Colors Are Nearly Infinite: Because of the unique mirror design, the colors available for mirror coating sunglasses can fall on a wide color spectrum. There are many choices to choose from in select styles and colors, that feature a cat-eye shape. The colors can range from hot pink to a simple grey on the outside, but your eyes will not be influenced by these colors.
          More Resistant to Wear and Tear: The process of constructing mirror coating optimizes their performance for ultimate resistance to wear and tear. For those who wish to improve the durability of their sunglasses, it is easy to put additional protection on the mirror coating sunglasses.
          Others Can’t See Your Eyes: A benefit that some people enjoy is the fact that mirror coating sunglasses complete block others from seeing your eyes. The anonymity that comes with mirror coating sunglasses can be relaxing for some and is a huge selling point for this type of eyewear.
          Perfect For Athletes: Mirror coating sunglasses are often seen in sports commercials because of their popularity with professional athletes. They are great for those who play outdoor sports and need protection without compromising performance